Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Garfield Samuel Reid was raised in the community of Manchester, Mandeville. While it may not be his birthplace, Mandeville is where a young Garfield manifested his desire to not just be a messenger but a solution.

Growing up, Garfield found a childhood passion of dancing, performing around his community at schools, clubs and small events. By his teens, his love of dancing inspired him to form a dance group called “Hype Dancers”. In 2001, the group competed and won the JCDC Popular Dance competition, receiving medals, trophies and local recognition.

As his dancing skills evolved a love for music started to grow. Hanging out with his Uncle (a local DJ), Garfield (also known as Versatile then) became influenced by the songs of culture artist like Garnet Silk, Ras Shiloh, and Beres Hammond. Just as much at the Reggae greats inspired him, Garfield also took from the likes of Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, and international R&B artist. These influences put a voice into Garfield’s head, a passion in his heart, and messages to sing.

Deciding to leave behind dancing, 2005 found Garfield moving back to Kingston to pursue a musical career. As one young artist amongst many, Garfield began networking, finding himself at stages shows, studios, radios, clubs and more, ready to show willing Producers, Promoters, DJs, and Artist, that he was the next talent to be heard. While Garfield received many shrugs, music became his best friend, and a solid union that kept him moving forward.

A few years after his return to Kingston, an unexpected chance happened back in Mandeville. He met DJ Denton of Roots 106.1FM, and presented him with a demo of “Can’t Let You Go Girl”. DJ Denton put the song into rotation, playing for several weeks. While it was never officially released, it gained Garfield a small fan base. This point is also where his lyrical ability, natural storytelling, and calm attitude bore him a new name, Solution.

Back in Kingston, Solution has steadfastly been working on his sound, even appearing on TVJ’s Roll Out, receiving a full score on an episode with noted artist Tony Rebel as judge. Currently Solution is under the wing of Grammy award winning Producer Austin “Payday” Green, and taking this opportunity to explore his music on a solid professional environment. Gearing up for his first official projects, he mixes the laidback style of Culture Reggae, a peppery twinge of Dancehall, with a note of soulful RnB, creating a sound only proper for one musical messenger, and he is the one real Solution.

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