KrisDavid PayDay Music GroupKrisdavid Records was founded by Edward KD. Dodd, popularly known a Krisdavid. Since the age of 8 interest was shown and appreciation was there for music, teaching himself how to play the recorder, sing (with both church and school choirs and even form a small singing group). In high school his knowledge of the culture was strengthen by learning how to play the piano and reading a lil bit of music. Since then nothing else mattered but music…. and now after countless nights without sleep Mr. Dodd has tried to create and orchestrate beats that are somewhat looked down on because of the program which is being used. Krisdavid (Eddie) hasn’t given up despite the criticisms, he pushes on and will continue.

Dancehall, Reggae, Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B and Techno are just a few genres in which this company works with. Kd is currenly is working at Money House studio, under the watch of the mastermind Austin “Kevin Payday” Green of Payday Music and is also a part of one of the BEST young production group that’s responsible for the the launch of Iyara “di riffle fyara” FUZIONZ!!! Krisdavid respects all producers and artists from all over the world and he hopes that one day he’ll work with some of the greats. If u haven’t heard of him u don’t know music!!!

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