Roy Thompson a.k.a. Bugle was born in Portland, Jamaica. Sketching the Future: Bugle’s fledgling love affair with music began as early as in primary school. However, this affair never matured until the birth of the new millennium when he met Oniel Bryan a.k.a. Elephant Man, (a prominent international dancehall artist) in 2000.

He was then ushered into the dancehall fraternity when he was asked to write for Elephant Man. Stepping into the Future: The lyrical offsprings of Bugle’s love affair are documented as follows: Mentally Ill: Collaboration with Elephant Man (2001) “Good to Go” Tour: Touring with Elephant Man (2002) BET’s 106 and Park: Appearance (2002) MTV Awards (Japan): Invitee BET Music Awards: Invitee (where he made alliances with Janet Jackson and Pharrell) Tour in Canada: Appearance Collaborations with Tornado: songs included “Modella” and “If I say I love you” Dream Walk: The umbilical chords are cut and the emergence of a nubile lyrical soulchild is belched out into being.

In 2005, Bugle met Shawn Scott, CEO of Shawn Scott Music Group (SSMG) under whose auspices he stayed for one year. However, the clipped wings of music must be emancipated for Bugle to truly echo his story in song…At the midstream of time Bugle severed the ties with SSMG and in mid 2007 Bugle embraced the musical oasis that DASECA Productions represents.

DASECA is a music production triad committed to fostering freedom of musical expression whilst ensuring that the human face of music is nourished. Black Wings, White Light: As the spotlight parts the darkness the black wings of Bugle’s musical soul pierces the silence as he emerges singing “What We Gonna Do?” (Exercise) the anthem of his emancipation.

Keep your ears tuned to your radio for “Journeys” the sequel. Bugle is also featured on Serani’s latest single “Doh” which is getting much airplay locally and internationally. Positive. Conscious. Real. Lyrical. Soulful….the Journey continues… Hard work overcomes all difficulties…. Blessed Love Bugle.

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